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Rural Sweden (Hela Sverige ska leva)


Rural Sweden (Hela Sverige ska leva) is a national civil society organization for rural development consisting of 5000 local community groups and 40 member organizations - many of these are large national NGOs.  

There are 24 county networks, working with information and advisory services on a county level. These county councils are formed by the local community groups of the county.

A board consisting of representatives from the local groups and member organizations is responsible for current activities. A secretariat in Stockholm handles contacts, administration and information.


Our vision is to have vibrant local communities all over Sweden. We work towards balance between rural and urban areas, good rural development and just conditions and terms for the whole country.


We are members of the European Rural Community Alliance (ERCA).
Find ERCA here: http://www.ruralcommunities.eu

We are also members of PREPARE - Partnership for rural Europe.
Find PREPARE here: http://www.preparenetwork.org/

Together with 40 other local community organizations in Europe we arrange the European Rural Parliament every second year. Read more here: http://europeanruralparliament.com/


We are interested in participating in projects within our priority issues that contribute to reaching the goal of vibrant communities in rural areas. If your organization is looking for a project partner concerning our priority issues, do not hesitate to contact us.

For the period of 2017-2020 we have four priority issues:

  • Infrastructure and digitization

  • Local services

  • Culture

  • Local development and influence


Riksorganisationen Hela Sverige ska leva
Stortorget 7
111 29 Stockholm
Telephone:  +46 10 489 13 50
Email: info[at]helasverige[dot]se

Our Board of Directors can be reached here

Get in touch with specific employees here